Bogotá Graffiti

1 Day

Experience one of the world´s largest outdoor galleries: the streets of Bogotá.

Stunning larger than life works of art are surreal and full of vibrancy and Colombian culture. Some works are simply beautiful while others are highly political and social messages.

A Bogotá graffiti tour will enhance your understanding of Colombian history and it´s courageous historical figures and their fellow citizens.

Sometimes from the ashes of tragedy springs the most beautiful art, and Bogota is a shining example. In 2011, after police murdered 16 year-old Diego Felipe Becerra while he tagged his signature Felix the Cat, massive protests erupted throughout the city. This public uproar was partly responsible for the government relenting and ultimately downgrading graffiti from crime to violation to where it is now—condoned. Bogotá´s graffiti is more than just beautiful—it reflects the city’s diverse yet tumultuous culture.” –

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Bogotá Graffiti
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