Tequendama Falls

Some miles down the Bogotá river away from the city lies Tequendama, a little town filled with winding roads and traditional brick houses typical of Latin neighborhoods. Just a little further is Tequendama Falls, majestic and grand. Pictures do no justice to share its jaw-dropping views and eeriness especially when the mist is clearing just enough for you to catch a glimpse. How water and time can shape land is quite apparent with the large canyon that Tequendama falls into.

Across from the falls is the infamous “haunted” Castle Bochicha which has seen itself transformed from train station to hotel to abandoned to what it is now, a museum which is open to the public. This structure is over 100 years old and has somehow managed to stay clenched to the side of the canyon for so long. It`s beautiful, it`s grand and it`s full of stories.

The waterfall is what inspires most of the haunting and lore in Tequendama. The falls is a place where people have been coming for thousands of years to say goodbye to the world. From the Muisca people escaping religious persecution to lovers wanting to leave together for all eternity, Tequendama Falls is a popular suicide spot.

One tragic story has reporters camping out at the top of the falls as news spread via print in the 1950`s that people were jumping. One reporter spots a man dropping a note before leaping to his end. The reporter grabs the note and another reporter wrestles for the same note only to have both falling after him to their deaths. Some people left notes some did not. Lovers leapt together perhaps to rest together in the afterlife for eternity. Those souls are said to haunt the castle.

Even without the tragedy behind the falls there is something quite mesmerizing about the place and the museum is a beauty to see. If you like haunted locations and ghost stories, there are plenty of them to share about Tequendama Falls and Castle Bochicha.

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