Botero Museum

What’s wonderful about the Botero Museum? It’s free! Colombia’s famed painter Fernando Botero donated a museum full of paintings to his people and tourists to enjoy at no cost. The museum is located in a beautiful colonial house at the edge of the historic Candelaria district.

Inside the museum is not only a large collection of paintings and sculptures by the artist himself, but works by other famed painters such as Picasso, Renoir, Monet, Dali and Matisse to name a few. Be warned: the Picasso painting Cráneo de Cabra will be swarmed by onlookers so don`t be afraid to pass it by and return later when it’s not so crowded. Also be aware that security is tight. There are security beams in front of every painting to keep you away from them. Set one off and see what happens – I can admit from experience that it’s not pleasant. I honestly did not notice any of the beams so I’m sharing this in hopes that you will avoid the embarrassment.

Pablo Picasso Painting Cráneo de Cabra
Cráneo de Cabra – Picasso

Botero’s work is both beautiful and magical. It invokes the writings of García Márquez in that it’s not quite entirely in reality but it can trick you into thinking so. The figures are exaggerated in size yet show typical Colombian life. There are a few works which are more to scale and depict some tragic scenes as Colombia is known to possess and I couldn’t help but be more attracted to those than the classic Botero off scale figures. Look for yourself and appreciate the gifts given to Colombia and her people at Museo Botero.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir painting Paisaje de L´lle de France
Paisaje de L´lle de France – Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Beside Museo Botero is Casa de Moneda which houses more artworks by Colombian artists. This part of the museum is usually very quiet as most flock to the one Picasso and then go on their way ignoring everything else. I urge you to see everything you can in order to get a good feel of the culture and points of view of Colombia.

I have been many times to both and still go not just because of my job as a guide but because I love art. Share your museum experiences with me or ask me a question

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  1. Alejandro

    Amazing I had no idea that they had Picasso, Matisse and Renoir there, those are my favs, Botero looks interesting though, nice review.

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