Air Canada Offers Direct Flights From Montreal to Bogotá Year-round

If you´re a Canadian dreading going through the US or Mexico before landing in Colombia, Air Canada has now added Montreal as a direct option along with Toronto. Year-round direct flights from YUL will take effect June 2nd, 2020.

What does this mean? Why is this a good thing? This means you only go through customs once when you land in Colombia which amounts to less stress and frustration. Going through US and Mexican customs is easy, but waiting in lines and dealing with frustrated airport employees and stressed travelers is quite the ordeal (Atlanta is awful for this). As for the way back, your connection stop when landing from Colombia can be overwhelming as well. The US and Mexico both have very strict screening when you land which can be all or one of the following: canines, physical pat downs, rooting through every piece of luggage asking you to explain what certain items are, metal detecting wands and those annoying personal probing questions. So far Toronto has none of these procedures when you land from Bogotá, or at least none have been reported. We expect Montreal to be the same, so we´re super excited to have another Canadian option.

Happy Colombian travels Canadians! Check out the Air Canada site and book a flight to come and visit us!

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Jenny Sine

Canadian living in Bogotá, Colombia giving private tours to share the natural beauty of South America, studying philosophy and growing food 3000 meters above sea level.

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